Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Come off it,Tom Cruise is no Jack Reacher !

For those familiar with the Jack Reacher character in Lee Child's excellent thrillers, the author often emphasizes the fact that Reacher is at least six foot five inches in height and about 250 pounds in weight.
"He's a big guy." You could not describe Tom Cruise in that way. No way!

Now Hollywood has miscast Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher for the new film. The big, tough guy of the thrillers  is not the diminutive, pretty guy in the film. In the UK it comes out on Boxing Day. Lee Child has been very diplomatic about the casting and speaks generously about Tom Cruise's attempt to play Reacher.

 Jack Reacher was a hard former military cop, with real combat experience. He has been described by literary critics as a well-built, gruff, grizzly guardian angel, a tough, cerebral drifter, a latter day six foot five inch cowboy.  His size is an integral part of the character. Tom Cruise is not that guy!  Reacher is therefore more of a Stephen Seagal kind of guy. Dolph Lundgren is the same height and weight as Jack Reacher and Dolph would be ideal for the role in the future.

In time more Jack Reacher films will be made and a more suitable actor will be found.

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