Friday, 21 September 2012

A healthy church (assembly, not a building)

Christians sometimes ask themselves the question, what is a healthy church?  They are referring the fellowship or assembly, not the building though the infrastructure and administrative processes may be part of the answer to the question.

Having thought about what constitutes a healthy church I came up with the following points:

A healthy Christian church

provides good fellowship
preaches the Gospel, the good news of salvation and abundant, eternal life in Christ
performs acts of mercy, charity, loving kindness and grace
promotes faith in Jesus Christ
preserves the truth of God's Word
prays in the Holy Spirit
praises God for His goodness, grace and salvation
practises what it preaches
passes on the teaching of Christ and His apostles by evangelistic enterprise
prepares disciples to becomes leaders and servants who bring others into Christian service and ministry, to meet the demands of the next generation.

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