Thursday, 2 August 2012

There is more to the Syrian crisis than removing Bashar al-Assad

There is a view that removing Bashar al-Assad is not the solution to the Syrian crisis.  The issues are complex; certain diplomats, UN officials and super power leaders may have found Bashar quite charming and engaging. The trouble seems to be that he comes from a very brutal family, who have slaughtered opponents like Mafia dons. The whole state security system under his family operated like a criminal fraternity.  Torture and terror were commonplace, as they are today. His father was responsible for many deaths. He was a man who shed much blood when he violently dealt with his enemies.

We must pray for peace and justice to come to this needy country. Such violence will bring more violence. Bloodshed and bullets must give way to a peaceful political process, but that sadly looks along way off.

I pray for the Christian community in Syria, who have been very badly treated by their neighbours and former allies.  They have lived and worked peacefully since the time of St Paul, and great Christian theologians came from the early church in Syria.  It is very hard to be a Christian in Syria today.  Many have fled the country and sought help in refugee camps.  There has been an exodus.  May the Lord God protect, preserve and prosper them in the trouble times.

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