Thursday, 1 September 2011

Syria: killings continue, resentment rises and abuses abound

Some sources believe that over 500 civilians have been slaughtered during Ramadan, which has now ended.

The opposition to the Assad regime is growing stronger.  Reform is no longer an option.  The hearts and minds of the people are now behind a complete removal of the evil dictatorship.

The human rights record of the House of Assad, stretching back years, is appalling. Murder, torture, mayhem, injustice, imprisonment without trial, and political corruption have been experienced by the oppressed Syria people.  They remember the days of Hafez, father of Bashar, who was responsible for the Hama massacre in 1982. Well over ten thousand civilians were murdered.  There will be much rejoicing when the House of Assad eventually falls. Such is the level of oppression and secret police state practices that no creditable opposition has been allowed to grow. A transition to democracy will be a difficult and painful journey for the Syrian people.

 Bashar al-Assad is particularly unpopular on account of his Alawite beliefs and his autocratic government which has  favoured the Alawite minority. Alawites are considered to be heretical Muslims by many mainstream Islamic scholars and believers. Alawites are a branch, some would say sect, a rather secretive sect, of Shia Islam.  The vast majority of Muslims in Syria are Sunni.  The Alawites account for about 12 per cent of the population, yet their influence in government is considerable. Bashar al-Assad has an inner circle of trusted Alawites around him.

Alawites take their name from Ali ibn Abi Talib, who was a cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad.

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