Sunday, 24 April 2011

Nasty Priests - granted. Nazi Priests - come off it!

I was highly amused, after reflection, by a blog by Arkadyrose (Morris dancer and "critic" of the Hornchurch Passion Play), which appeared on the world wide web after the Maundy Thursday dress rehearsal.

The blog referred to the "Nazi Sanhedrin" and contended that Jesus was condemned to death by "Nazi Stormtrooper Jews".  I can assure you that there was not a Brown Shirt or swastika in sight!

According to the Arkadian Path that this woman follows, Jesus was wearing " a natty pair of white boxers and a neon green party hat".  Seriously? Well, there seems to be real economy with the truth.   Jesus was, in fact, wearing a white loincloth. The neon green party hat must have been a trick of the light, or something else.  Something from out of space, or planet arkadia? There are clearly some serious factual errors in the blog. 

The Hornchurch Passion Play does not take place in Billet Road but Billet Lane, and not in the car park.
The location is on the Queen's Theatre Green between Billet Lane and North Street in Hornchurch.

The Sanhedrin sit beneath a star of David and two menorahs.  The Roman SPQR banner and the two very long Roman banners are away from the Sanhedrin in the Roman area where Pontius Pilate appears.  The HPP choir are between the Sanhedrin and the Roman area.

The HPP Sanhedrin have long beards.  The Nazis, in fact, would attack Jewish men with long beards.  Have you ever seen evidence of a high ranking Nazi or low ranking member of Sturmabteilung wearing a long beard?

And I don't  look like a yok!

This does not resemble a Nuremberg rally.  The parallel invites ridicule.  The regalia is Roman and has no links with National Socialism or the Third Reich.

This evening a new friend from Jews for Jesus praised the HPP.  He was not aware of any anti-semitism, which I have experienced when supporting the original North London team in the Premiership.  (Come on you Spurs.)

Shalom.  Yeshua lives!

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Stephen said...

An excellent production. As a spectator I felt caught up with the events. A powerful story


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