Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The dangerous Supreme Court ruling on the human rights of sex offenders

The Supreme Court has ruled that sex offenders under the European Convention on Human Rights should be allowed to appeal against their lifetime inclusion on the sex offenders register.

Those who are placed on the sex offenders register for life are there for a very good reason.  Serious sex offenders remain a risk for life and like an alcoholic they are never completely cured of their problem.  The risk can be reduced and monitored but the danger is nevertheless always there.  Sex offenders are often very manipulative and devious.  They change their names and hide their real identities.  They work out clever ways of offending and hiding their hideous crimes.

This Supreme Court ruling gives far too much ground to the perpetrator and not enough concern and protection to the victim and vulnerable potential victims.  The rights of the public to necessary protection should come before the rights of the criminal.

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