Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Again the England football team have been let down by wrong goal line decisions!

Sack that linesman! He does not deserve his match fee for such a woeful decision.  The ball was not completely over the goal line. Fact. The television technology empirically proves that the linesman was wrong.  There is no doubt about it. None at all.  Surely there must have been some reasonable doubt in his mind, or does he need an eye test?  Should he have gone to Specsavers? The linesman nearly robbed England of a well deserved victory, but Stevie Gerrard saved the day and scored two magnificent goals.  Capello was not celebrating at the time and looked rather indifferent to the skill and flair of his captain when he drove the ball into the net.  There was no Latin warmth or Italian passion in his body language when Gerrard showed his class in scoring both goals.  So cool? There's a chill in the air. Rather icy? Where's the Latin passion?  Gerrard was certainly passionate when he celebrated his successful strikes.  He was calling on the crowd to raise the temperature and to get behind England.  Well done Stevie and thanks.  You were the man of the match. Without you it would have been a big disappointment.

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