Thursday, 26 March 2009

John "Roaring Rogers " Puritan lecturer of Dedham

I have visited Dedham many times. I love the Constable Country. I enjoy prayerwalking along the footpaths by the River Stour. It is a designated area of natural beauty. The architecture of Dedham is delightful and "there is little that offends the eye". The parish church of St Mary deserves a lengthy visit. The view from the church tower is spectacular. Ask George, the verger, for details of tower tours etc.

During the 17th century St Mary's Church was the centre of a puritan revival under the ministry of a great preacher. The Reverend John Rogers was not the vicar, as some scholars have believed. He was the lecturer.

John Rogers preached powerfully from the pulpit, and on market days he proclaimed the Gospel from the small tower by the muniment room. Thousands listened to his sermons. On one occasion a bishop was unable to obtain any transport because so many people had arranged to go to Dedham to hear "Roaring Rogers".

JR loved God's Word and faithfully handled the wonderful truths until 16??. See if you can find out when. His son went to New England and exercised a preaching ministry in the 17th century.
JR's uncle was the lecturer of Wethersfield, Essex, which was place of Puritan theological education up to 1662.

John Rogers' grave is outside the church on the north side of the sanctuary wall. There is a bust in his honour to the left of the altar rail.  I intend to write much more about Roaring Rogers of Dedham.

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